Join Ilati, Ankida and Pidge for their weekly shenanigans.

Things we talked about included:

  • Uber, UberPool and taxis
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout (there are a few very small spoilers but nothing that should ruin the movie for you),
  • Comic-Con, the Godzilla trailer and the Titan Universe,
  • the Harry Potter musical (The Cursed Child),
  • how we feel about Joss Whedon’s Buffy remake ,
  • youtube stars being the new age equivalent of 90s teen idols and how youtube can actually be a career for some people,
  • Ankida defending her taste in random youtube videos,
  • Melbourne nreakfast and the crazy eggs benedict variations around,
  • anime – including the Attack on Titan season 3 debut,
  • Orange is the New Black, and
  • who’s gonna be Bruce Lee.

The cafe mentioned where Ilati and Ankida had the amazing fried chicken eggs benedict is My Other Brother in Camberwell.

Apologies for the occasional and semi-regular mike knocks you can hear scattered throughout. Tacocat’s fault.

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