Silliness and Shenanigans is a podcast hosted by Ilati from Zombies Love Bacon. Pidge, Ilati and Ankida are three great 30-something year old mates from Melbourne Australia. They get together with their friends each week and talk about anything and everything, but honestly, it’s mostly TV, movies, video games and complaining about life. 🙂

Name: ilati (@zombieslvbacon)
Favorite Food: chicken parmigiana & Pizza
Interests: Video Games, Twitch Streaming, Cats, Simpsons, Movies & Dead Memes.

Name: Ankida
Favourite Food: Dumplings
Interests: Food, cats, the internet, gadgets, books and retro video games.

Name: Pidge
Fav food: Most expensive thing on the menu stuffed with the second most expensive thing (lobster stuffed with tacos)
Interests: football, travel, Simpsons, escaping from reality, general shit talk.
Dislikes: illogical social norms, general ignorance.